Solito RG Reyes II

A serial entrepreneur at heart, Solito continues to keep an eye open for opportunities where technology can make a huge beneficial difference. He worked his entire career in Manhattan, New York City where he built up 25 years of engineering and business experience working in various industries, such as legal, finance, Internet, branding and marketing involved with enterprise software & systems, networking & data center technologies, e-commerce and sass. 

RG initially served as Chief Technology Officer for Simplenight from 2014 – 2017 managing an international team of software, design and systems engineers, whom built the initial SIMPLENIGHT® GEP® (Global Experience Platform), which has now evolved into a modern Global Distribution System. He recently returned to help Simplenight system develop further and expand globally around the world. Along with another Simplenight executive, he founded SigeGo in the Philippines. Powered by Simplenight, SigeGo provides a full B2B2C travel & lifestyle platform for suppliers, channel partners, consumers and governments. 

Otherwise known as RG by close friends and colleagues, he leverages his lifelong business acumen and engineering skills to provide consulting services helping tech companies across the US mature and raise capital with his firm called Intellabeast. He also fully utilized his creative side running his digital marketing company Xego, providing branding, video production, photography, web development and digital marketing services for companies in New York and New Jersey. 

RG cofounded in 2011, a very intelligent human resources match making website where he served as its CTO; conceived and authored multiple Patents. Solito raised $3.5MM in Angel funding for Cuzie Corp, which CIO Review magazine featured as a “Top 40 HR Solution” for 2014:

From March 2002-2010, Mr. Reyes served as Director of Information Technology and Managed Services at BrandWizard Technologies, a subsidiary of Omnicom Group. BrandWizard provided the first enterprise level Brand Management SaaS used by Fortune 500 companies. 

Mr. Reyes served as Senior IT Executive at RAW Communications. Solito traveled across the US,  implementing satellite dishes on the rooftops of financial institutions in the world, including the World Trade Center. He serviced clients like Fidelity, Oppenheimer, Brandeis, AIM, GE Financial, State Street and many others.

Solito started in the tech industry in 1999, in the famed Silicon Alley, New York, during the dot-com boom with a startup called US Interactive. There, he served as a tech support agent and network engineer supporting desktop users and managing servers across multiple offices in the NY metro area. 

In 1998, he held a notable position for the Sullivan & Cromwell law firm, where he was assigned to the historic Microsoft Anti-Trust Trial in Washington DC supporting the IT needs of the legal team defending Microsoft against the United States of America in the famed “Antitrust Trial of the Century.” Solito provided hands-on support for famed Microsoft executives: Bill Gates, Jim Allchin, Paul Moritz & Bill Neukom at the Washington office.

While attending Devry University in 1998, Solito worked at IBS Interactive, an early ISP in NJ. honing his technical skills helping customers with their Dial-Up software, and fixing Internet connectivity issues. In 1996, Solito built the first website for the Essex Health & Country Club in New Jersey. As the Operations Director, he took on the task of building the club’s website in order to save the company money and provide and effective means of communications for its membership.

Mr. Reyes is a graduate of Monmouth University, (BA in Political Science 1996) and thereafter studied Telecommunications and Electrical Engineering at Devry University. He’s also formally trained as a Software Engineer at General Assembly in 2019.