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We provide consumers a more  intuitive travel booking experience; help suppliers boost their traffic and sales; also give channel partners broader sales opportunities and elevate governments with more tools and data. SigeGo!

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Sign up to receive privileged access to the Beta version of SigeGo white label website and mobile app.  during this Beta phase, you are granted access to a pre-production, testing release of the booking website and mobile app. Only a few will be offered a trial version of SigeGo’s travel system where you can be a part of the testing process. You will receive an email with an invite and instructions, when it’s ready. You will then have access to the many verticals and tools that ready at that time. ETA: August-2023

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About SigeGo

The SigeGo Travel & Lifestyle super platform provides bookable experiences for all. Born in the Philippines, structured as a venture between Filipinos and Americans, SigeGo leverages  decades of Ecommerce and Travel industry experience of its founders, executives and staff. 

Powered by Simplenight in the US, SigeGo revolutionizes the way the Philippines can be discovered by providing a seamless way to build an itinerary across a variety of categories, and better yet, book it all at once! 

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SigeGo’s travel and lifestyle super platform provides tremendous value of its omni-channel network:

  • Improves the booking experience for consumers
  • Boosting business for suppliers
  • Empowering Channel Partners with more tools
  • Elevating Governments with more information and innovation

But what does “omni-channel” even mean?

Omni-channel refers to the particular method of selling directly to consumers. Whether it’s a mobile app, white label website, automobile head unit, or airline entertainment touch screen, SigeGo leverages the latest innovations well into the future.

So how does this all work?

Simplenight Technology! Simplenight is proudly powering the tech behind SigeGo’s platform. Simplenight provides the digital infrastructure for Super Apps that can easily fit into any brand or government by integrating the content and distributing it across its network of partners.

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A Better Experience for Consumers

SigeGo completely understands how critical it is to provide consumers a very intuitive and effective shopping experience. A lot of research and development dollars have been invested in UX/UI, the science of developing an effective User Experience (UX) and implementing intuitive User Interfaces (UI). Whether your shopping on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, consumers will appreciate the fluid shopping experience.

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Empowering Channel Partners

Why Partner with SigeGo?

Becoming an enterprise partner of SigeGo grants your company access to a secure and convenient place with endless content in one centralized space.

  • Seamlessly integrate via API or into your current booking flow
  • Rewards & loyalty programs
  • Our tech is the complete omnichannel solution
  • Fully-customizable capabilities.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Boosting Suppliers

The best part about the SigeGo mission is how it promotes local businesses and encourages tourism in the country. Suppliers that integrate with SigeGo gain access to a whole new audience of customers they may have never been able to reach. Bookings and revenue increase, and when we win the whole country wins!

Why Integrate with SigeGo?

By connecting your product/services to our platform, your business becomes the forefront of the evolution of booking.

  • Get your business in front of a vast new audience by accessing our partner networks
  • Increased exposure = increased revenue
  • Ease of integration
  • Ease of payment
  • Full control of what to integrate

Learn more about becoming a supplier and selling on our network.

Elevating Governments

SigeGo empowers governments with comprehensive data and technology, which aims to enable better decision-making and foster long-term growth. SigeGo’s technology and content offer governments:

  • Data-driven decision-making: By providing governments with access to comprehensive data, SigeGo enables evidence-based decision-making. This can help governments identify trends, understand visitor preferences, and make informed policy choices to promote tourism and increase visitor satisfaction
  • Loyalty program management: SigeGo’s technology can assist governments in implementing and managing loyalty programs to enhance citizen engagement and loyalty. By leveraging data analytics and personalized incentives, governments can encourage repeat visits, support local businesses, and boost tourism revenue
  • Visitor experience enhancement: With access to data on visitor behavior and preferences, governments can improve the overall visitor experience. By understanding the needs and interests of tourists, authorities can optimize infrastructure, plan events, and develop targeted marketing campaigns to attract and retain visitors
  • Public Private Partnerships: SigeGo’s collaboration with government authorities opens up opportunities for public-private partnerships. By sharing data and insights, governments can work closely with private industry stakeholders to develop innovative solutions, enhance tourism offerings, and drive economic growth
  • Data privacy and security: As governments handle sensitive data, it is crucial to prioritize privacy and security. SigeGo can assist governments in implementing robust data protection measures, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations, and safeguarding citizen information


Overall, SigeGo’s technology and content offer governments the potential to leverage data for the greater good, supporting long-term loyalty, tourism growth, and effective governance

Powered by Simplenight

SigeGo leverages Simplenight’s powerful global distribution platform. This B2B system integrates a global reach of bookable content and distributes it out to enterprise partners.

With the backing of Fortune 500 companies, Simplenight streamlines the entire integration process and makes the booking process more intuitive and efficient.

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Mark your calendars for June 9th, as SigeGo prepares for its official launch! We have some incredible updates in store, showcasing the remarkable possibilities and destinations that SigeGo can bring you.

Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming launch and discover how SigeGo can open new horizons for you. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey with us!

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SigeGo offers a travel and lifestyle platform that provides the most convenient, intuitive and cost effective shopping experience for consumers, in every way.

We’ve put a lot of engineering skill and decades of travel experience streamlining the shopping experience during search, selection, checkout and payment for the consumer. Simplenight’s powerful Global Distribution System offers a broad range of categories, the deepest selection of products and customer friendly services, which remains unmatched in the industry. 

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For a limited time, you can check out the beta version of our SigeGo mobile app. Sign up and get access to download the pre-production version of the mobile app where you can experience the power of shopping in SigeGo now.

DISCLAIMER: as a beta, preproduction version of the mobile app, you may experience some bugs, drops, and outages.

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