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Launch ETA: April-2024

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The SigeGo Travel & Lifestyle super app offers bookable experiences for everyone. Born in the Philippines and managed by Filipinos, SigeGo leverages decades of Ecommerce skills and Travel industry experience from its executives and staff. 

With its connection to the Simplenight platform in the United States, SigeGo revolutionizes the way the Philippines can be discovered by providing a seamless way to build an itinerary across a variety of categories, and better yet, book it all at once! 

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Super App Technology

SigeGo’s travel and lifestyle super app extracts tremendous value out of its omni-channel strategy:

  • Multi-category, multi-product offering
  • A superior booking experience for consumers
  • Suppliers and businesses gain greater consumer exposure
  • Greater opportunities for strategic partnerships

Omni-channels sell directly to consumers thru various methods, such as a mobile app, E-commerce website, automobile head unit, or airline entertainment touch screen. SigeGo leverages this structure while incorporating the lastest innovations well into the future.So how do we accomplish this?

Our omni-channel approach leverages Simplenight technology! Simplenight provides the backend infrastructure and technical services for distributing products to Super App partners like SigeGo.

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A Better Experience for Consumers

SigeGo completely understands how critical it is to provide consumers a very intuitive and effective shopping experience. So we invested a lot of US dollars into UX/UI, the science of designing  effective User Experiences and crafting intuitive User Interfaces for consumers. Whether you’re shopping on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, users of our software will appreciate the fluid shopping experience.

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Partner with SigeGo

Why partner with SigeGo?

Becoming an enterprise or strategic partner of SigeGo grants your company access to a secure and convenient booking system with a similar target audience.

  • Seamlessly integrate via API or into your current booking flow
  • Run co-branded events and marketing campaigns with us
  • Access our Rewards & Loyalty programs
  • Fully-customizable capabilities

Easy as 1, 2, 3

We Give Operators and Suppliers a Boost

SigeGo promotes local businesses and encourages greater tourism in the country. Suppliers and operators that integrate with Simplenight gain access to a whole new audience of customers they may have never been able to reach.

  • Gain a vast new audience across the country and around the world
  • Greater exposure means increased bookings
  • Ease of payment
  • Full control of what categories to integrate

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Powered by Simplenight

SigeGo leverages Simplenight’s powerful global distribution platform. This B2B system integrates a global breadth of bookable content and distributes it out to B2C partners.

With the backing of Fortune 500 companies, Simplenight streamlines the entire integration process and makes the booking process more intuitive and efficient.

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Convenience at Your Fingertips

SigeGo offers consumers a convenient, intuitive and cost effective shopping experience in every way.

It took unmatched engineering skill and decades of travel experience to streamline the ecommerce and mobile app shopping experience, while taking advantage of Simplenight’s powerful Global Distribution System, which offers a broad range of categories, the deepest selection of products and customer friendly services. 

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DISCLAIMER: as a beta, preproduction version of the mobile app, you may experience some bugs, drops, and outages.

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